"Numbers Are the Stuff of Business Administration, But Well-Crafted Words Are the Tools of Business Leadership."

Who We Are

The Invisible Hand is a Connecticut-based corporate communications agency specializing in strategic message development, social media engagement, and creative content.

What We’ve Done

The Invisible Hand has helped high-profile clients articulate and deliver their most crucial and complex messages in ways that have informed and persuaded their audiences.

Who We’ve Served

Some of the most respected companies and institutions in the world have relied on us to help find their voice and deliver their message.



Multi Media Bar

Kid’s Quarto

Made a videoblog for a little kid who likes books.


Made the case for remote monitoring for medical device start-up.

The Contango Conspiracy

We edited a classic James Bond movie to mock a dishonest journalist.


A classic Bruce Lee movie makes fun of a misleading report on oil speculation.

Comrades! Stop the Koch Brothers!

We repurposed an old Soviet music video to make a memorable  and copyright-free parody.

Casson’s Bait and Switch

We turned a Greenpeace’s activist’s dishonest attack against him.

Greenwald in the Cities

We used an art house film to reveal a partisan propagandist’s cinematic pretentions.