What We’ve Done

The Invisible Hand has helped high-profile clients articulate and deliver their most crucial and complex messages in ways that have informed and persuaded their audiences.

In each of the cases below, finding the right words was essential to success at a pivotal moment in the professional life of a leader or the history of an organization.

The Invisible Hand turned each of these communications challenges into seized opportunities.

•The CEO of a global consulting partnership explaining to 45,000 employees worldwide why the firm was abandoning its established brand and adopting an entirely new one.

•The chairman of one of Europe’s financial services companies sharing his point of view on corporate social responsibility to his peers at the World Economic Forum.

•The U.S. Postmaster General defending his institution and reassuring the public in the wake of unprecedented deadly anthrax attacks.

•A former U.S. presidential candidate making an impassioned Memorial Day address before the start of the Indianapolis 500 motor race.

•The surviving member of the Andrews Sisters shares her recollections and makes the case for a national memorial on The Mall in Washington, D.C. dedicated to the veterans of World War II.

•The President of a Southeast Asian republic articulating her nation’s perspective from the front lines of the global war on terror.

•The Foreign Minister of a faltering Asian Tiger outlining that country’s strategy for economic restructuring before the Executive Board of the World Bank.