How To Be Human

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Adults often find it awkward to communicate through video. That’s unfortunate because video is an enormously engaging communications channel available. But mastering video is easy for a child. Why?

Because children usually have someone specific in mind that they’re speaking to. The camera is just a means for reaching that person. It’s a tool . . . just like a telephone once was.

To communicate like a human you need to have another human in mind when you talk. Demographic groups are not human. Market segments are not human. Millennials . . . they’re not human.

Your mother is human. So direct your communication to your mother. And while you’re at it, make your message simple enough for your mother to understand it. If you can’t explain it simply . . . that usually means you don’t understand the message yourself.

There are scores of video bloggers who manage to communicate successfully as humans every day. Casey Neistat shares his daily thoughts and experiences with more than 2 million humans.

Google has enlisted Nat & Lo to explore the vast Googleplex and share what other humans are working on. Their videos are a vehicle for corporate literacy, recognition, brand development, and engagement all disguised as entertainment.

Video is the most powerful way to connect with other humans electronically because it’s hard to fool. So are humans.

To do it right, pick the person you want to persuade . . . like your mother. And talk to that person directly.

Just like a human would.

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